About MyGlamy

We are a young, dynamic, innovative company with 10 years of experience and a headquarters in Berlin. Our company for natural cosmetics stands for quality, which is always reflected in the products, also due to our own development and composition of the individual components and active ingredients. The know-how we have acquired over the years has helped us to achieve steady growth. All products are manufactured in the EU, are CE certified, free from animal testing, mineral oils, parabens and silicones. 

Due to the relatively close production site, it is possible for us to find fast and effective solutions for the consumer as well as for our company.

We attach great importance to fair wages, environmentally friendly handling of selected raw materials and recyclable packaging as well as significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

Our vision

You help shape the future, so your feedback is all the more important. Whether constructive criticism or ideas, we are grateful for every suggestion. Our passion for innovation allows us to offer you a wide range of product development that you can benefit from. 

It is our goal, in accordance with the times, to lead a company on the basis of all justifiable moral, ethical, ecological and economic levels in such a way that a symbiosis of all these factors is created.

For us this means in the future: A complete renunciation of plastic and microplastics in cosmetics, fair trade, as well as vegan raw materials exclusively in organic quality without fragrances and alcohols. Furthermore, we naturally strive for more: Soon we will be developing product lines that are perfectly tailored to the skin needs of your skin, because you should convince yourself of the effect of our products.

The trends of tomorrow will be in your living room in the near future with our knowledge and skills. With all the possibilities we have, we can move forward together and make a difference, contributing to the environment and the climate.